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An absolutely beautiful new lullaby perfect as a dedicatory piece for the young child in your life. Available for low, medium, or high voice and piano. Each arrangement also has a harmony duet option included for a second vocalist.

Sheet Music - Though You Are Small (3 Ranges)

  • Verse 1

    I was traveling down a country road

    Enjoying all the sights

    I passed a field of lilies

    No two were just alike

    All their faces lifted high

    Reaching for the sun

    I thought of you my little one

    How your life is just begun



    But when the shadows come and storms clouds roll

    Will those lilies stand up tall

    Will the strength the sun has given them

    Let them bend, but not fall

    Once again to grace the traveler

    With a sight to behold

    A witness to their Creator

    Beautiful though they be small...


    Verse 2, Chorus, Chorus (1/2 time)

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